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Pitching, refined

OneDeck is a simple yet powerful tool for creating and sharing your one-page investment summary in under 10 minutes.


Communicate, beautifully

OneDeck lets founders create a beautiful, one-page summary that’s fast, online and dynamic.

Communicate the essence of your pitch beautifully and quickly

Get insights to help build your book more effectively

Loved by investors who save time with a concise summary

Why OneDeck

A better way to raise

OneDeck was built by founders and funders with the goal of making fundraising more enjoyable and efficient.

OneDeck encourages brevity and clear thinking from founders and investors

OneDeck helps to minimise stress through enhanced transparency and focus

We are building a suite of tools to help entrepreneurs and investors work better together

For Companies

A better way to pitch

Once you experience single page pitching, you’ll never look back. It’s fast, intuitive with all the information you need to start conversations on the best foot.

Create a beautiful and concise one page summary in under 10 minutes

Monitor your Deck performance and see who is tracking your opportunity

Send updates to potential investors and receive messages from prospects

For Investors

A better deal flow tool

Buy more time. OneDeck lets you focus on what matters most to you, leaving you to make better decisions.

Get beautifully concise summaries direct to any device

Organise your deal flow to keep promising deals within easy reach

Get notified of any updates to OneDecks you're tracking

Evolve today

OneDeck is available for companies and investors, helping to take the pain out of fundraising.