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Fuel your company

OneDeck is on a mission to make fundraising an easier and more transparent experience for fundraising companies.

Close your round faster

OneDeck has three core features that supercharge your fundraising workflow, saving you precious time.

Build and share a beautiful one page investment summary for your company in less than 10 minutes

Use OneDeck insights to visualise interest in your business and identify your best investor leads

Manage updates and receive direct messages from investors, all from a convenient inbox

Deck Creator

An intuitive Deck editor

The OneDeck editor is fast, easy and backed by decades of building successful investment summaries. We think it’s the future.

Guided content structure and inline help to build your Deck faster

Attach files, images and video to your Deck for greater engagement

Autosave and Deck preview mean you’re in full control

Deck Insights

Discover your real backers

OneDeck illuminates your investor network to discover your closest supporters. Forget stale emails and generic investor excuses. Take control of your fundraising.

Gauge the popularity of your Deck within your network

See who’s tracking your Deck, and reach out to them first

Discover which attachments your investors engage with most


Communicate professionally

OneDeck has an elegant messaging service to keep engaged investors updated, and build relationships with those who have genuine interest.

Easily share important updates with all investors tracking your Deck

Receive direct messages from interested investors

Coming Soon

Plan and build your investment credibility with outreach tools

Evolve today

OneDeck is available for companies and investors, helping to take the pain out of fundraising.