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Beautiful deal flow

OneDeck is a new standard in investment deal flow management for busy Angels, VCs and Family Offices.

Smarter tools, better deals

OneDeck has three core benefits to level up your deal flow management, saving you precious time and opportunity.

OneDeck distils the pitch to a single page, with all the detail available when you want it.

OneDeck is investor led, so you’re always in control of when and how you engage.

OneDeck organises your pitch inbox, keeps you up to date, and simplifies communication.

Single Page Deck

Instantly familiar

OneDeck forces brevity from founders, allowing you to digest key data in a way that’s intuitive and pleasant.

Structured content creates familiarity letting you focus on what matters

Optimised for mobile, helping you make decisions on the go

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Delve deeper into teams and get additional company insights

Investor Led

Carefully made for investors

OneDeck recognises the challenges in fielding a high volume of proposals with a relative few hitting the mark.

Reduce email chains simply by tracking deals of interest with a click

Companies can only message you if you allow them to

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Get insights into your standing as an investor and position in the ecosystem

Stay Organised

Communicate professionally

OneDeck has an elegant messaging service to keep engaged investors updated, and build relationships with those who have genuine interest.

Maintain a tidier inbox by keeping comms in one place

Get condensed progress updates on companies you’re tracking

Coming Soon

Automated replies to companies to cordially decline an offer

Evolve today

OneDeck is available for companies and investors, helping to take the pain out of fundraising.