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If you’d like to help spread the word about OneDeck we want to make life as easy as possible for you. Below are some examples of copy you can use. Of course we track all mentions so rest assured you’ll be added to our Christmas card list if you’re able to help


"Big fan of @OneDeckTweets a new tool that helps you to create a beautiful one-page investment summary in under 10 minutes, then share it and track investor interest. Communicate, beautifully at"

"If you're raising an investment round @OneDeckTweets has a free tool to help you create a beautiful online one-page investment summary that you can share and track interest with. Turbo charge your fundraise at"

Long Form

"We’re thrilled to share a free online tool that guides you through the creation of a beautiful one-page investment summary.

OneDeck allows you to create a one-pager that communicates the essence of your opportunity clearly and concisely. Investors can track your opportunity, whilst you can send brief updates to build your book effectively and maintain momentum. 

We’re proud to support OneDeck and the team behind it. They are building a tool for the startup ecosystem to help boost efficiency, improve transparency and to fuel the funding of founders everywhere.

Head over to to find out more."


Lex Deak


Lex on Linkedin

Lex is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background and successful exits in retail, hospitality and technology. He founded QVentures, the largest private investment network in the UK and is now focussed on reinventing the pitch deck with OneDeck.

Will Neill


Will on LinkedIn

Will holds a PhD in Marketing and previously founded ventures in crowdfunding and ecommerce. He co-founded the Crowd Funding Institute of Australia, and is an accomplished researcher, UI/UX designer and programmer.

Benjamin Southworth


Benjamin on LinkedIn

Benjamin founded Silicon Drinkabout and UnicornHunt which he successfully exited. He has advised Her Majesty’s Government and The Tunisian Republic. He often speaks, writes and teaches around entrepreneurship.

Jason Sparks


Jason on LinkedIn

Jason Sparks is a co-founder of Logical Steps, a firm that provides tech services, platform development and accelerator services. Jason is a seasoned entrepreneur with a global track record across multiple ventures ranging from tech to real estate.

What Is OneDeck

Established in January 2019, OneDeck is a platform to connect companies and investors. Using OneDeck, companies create one-page investment summaries and privately distribute these potential investors. For fundraising companies, OneDeck takes the pain out of pitch deck creation, distribution and follow-up.

For investors, OneDeck simplifies receiving investment pitches, and saves time with a standardised one-page format.


OneDeck is currently in private Beta with public availability planned for late April 2019. Our platform is evolving quickly with early user feedback at the core of our mission.


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